We will continue to do our after church fellowship time online and hope that you can join us! Our GracePointe Zoom Groups take place on Zoom.com and is a way to stay connected in church community and check in with each other, just like we normally would do after church each week.


We are mixing it up! You can join any of the groups below and have some fellowship time with whomever is in that group. Below are the links to each Zoom Group. At the end of service on Sunday, simply click on a link and join in the conversation!


See you after church!


Zoom Group 1


Zoom Group 2


Zoom Group 3


If you haven't downloaded Zoom yet, we would love for you to do so now so you can join in on the conversation right after church! You can click here to sign up and download Zoom for free.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Bruce and Julie Laible at brucelaible@gmail.com

GracePointe Zoom Groups