Kerusso Kids Zone serves our children ages Kindergarten through 5th grade on Sunday mornings. Children join the adults during the worship portion of our service and are dismissed to enjoy their kid-friendly program after worship. The second Sunday of each month, Communion Sunday, kids remain in the service with their parents for the entire service. Parents are welcome to keep their children in the service with them any Sunday of the month if they so choose.


Truth and Bible Memory - We understand that children are ready and able to learn, we must not compromise giving our kids the truth from God’s Word.


Relationships - We strive to be relationally driven not program driven: children don’t care what you know until they know that you care. This is a family based ministry, not just a children based ministry.


Creativity - We believe kids will learn better if we take the time to teach the unchanging truth in a creative and relevant way (music, games, biographies, art, puppets, etc.).


Life Application - We desire that our kids and parents will not only learn about God’s love and redemption but that they will also apply those truths to their lives daily.


Coordinator: Marc Kyle


Kerusso Club is a 5 week adventure and discipleship time for GracePointe's elementary age children. They meet in the spring and the fall out at the Camp Lanier property.