November 22, 2020

Bulletin for 11/22

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~A Note from Pastor James~

This week we will be finishing out the book of Ephesians. We will look at 6:21-24. We will also do a review overview…reminding ourselves of the key themes that Paul has for us in Ephesians. I would encourage you to take some time this week to read through the entirety of Ephesians again. Remember that chapters 1-3 are what is true (the indicatives)…this includes the truth of our state - helpless without Christ. Then chapters 4-6 are the commands based on what is true (the imperatives). Because of the gospel (specifically in 2:1–10), God gives us commands through Paul on what our lives are supposed to look like. These commands both help us understand what it means to be the church - the united body of all believers - as well as how we individually are supposed to act. Spend time today in prayer thinking through how the gospel has changed you and what things from chapters 4-6 that you need to work on. 


I love you all and cannot wait to worship with you on Sunday!!


Grace and Peace,

~Pastor James

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