October 25, 2020

Bulletin for 10/25

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Sunday Check-In

Getting our Hearts Ready for Sunday

~A Note from Pastor James~

This week we will be looking at Ephesians 5:3-14. Having looked at Paul’s exhortation to a life that is edifying and building up one another by putting on Christ-like behaviors, Paul now moves to a section on our new life in love. This section, which will be this week’s and next week’s sermons, will be instructions for holy living, particularly dealing with holy living and associations. This week’s section in particular, while giving commands for holy living, focuses on being thankful. We are thankful because of our salvation in Christ. God chose us, Christ died for us, and the Holy Spirit calls us to himself. It is not about us and we play no part in our salvation - it is all God and his work on our behalf. This is why life is not about us, but about God’s glory. He saved us, so he gets the glory. Our salvation was thought of, brought into possibility and given to us by God while we were still rebelling against him. Because of this, we recognize and praise God for his grace and mercy. In the midst of this thanksgiving, we also adjust our behaviors and thoughts to align with the Lord. That thankfulness-inspired action plan is what Paul is giving this week. 


As you read through the text to prepare your heart for worship, make sure to pray that the Holy Spirit would help you to understand what Paul was intending and that your heart would be turned toward God. Also ask the Holy Spirit to show you if any of the things that Paul talks about are things that you need to consider and change. Paul is particularly challenging our words. Think through how you talk and think and pray that if any changes need to be made, that the Holy Spirit would help you to recognize and grow in these areas.


This week we will also celebrate the baptism of Skyler and Luke Brannan!! It is so exciting to see God work in the lives of families and we pray that the church will love and draw Skyler and Luke to himself. 


I cannot wait to worship with you this week and am praying for our time together!


Grace and Peace,

~Pastor James

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