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~A Note from Pastor James~

Good morning! 


This week we will be looking at the prophets of the Southern Kingdom and what they had to say to Judah. As we prepare to hear what the prophets said to draw Judah back to God, take some time to read through Isaiah 1-5. Chapters 1-5 show some of the things that Judah had done wrong. Remember that after the giving of the covenant of the law (10 commandments and civil/ceremonial law), that God gave both blessings and curses. Blessings were given for obedience to the law and glorifying the Lord. Curses were what would happen as God’s people disobeyed and followed the world instead of the Lord. As you read through Isaiah 1-5, pay attention to the things specifically that Judah (the southern kingdom) has done against the Lord. Pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal to you any areas that you have strayed from God’s word and that you would turn from those temptations and pursue the Lord again. 


This week we will also be commissioning our camp counselors for Camp Kerusso. Since they will be serving as missionaries for us as a church, we will be commissioning them to serve as missionaries for GracePointe over the summer. Please remember to be praying for them over the summer. This is a great way to connect and participate in the ministries of the church. 

I cannot wait to worship with you again. Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week because of our opportunity to worship together. Sunday worship is a chance to refresh and replenish our spirits for the week to come. When we gather, we are to focus intently on the Lord and his praise, honor and glory. What a beautiful and wonderful way to begin the week! I cannot wait to do this once again with you all. I love you all and will see you Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

~Pastor James

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